Generator Maintenance During Winter

Generator Maintenance During Winter

Generators used for standby or continuous power must start adequately, reach the desired load fast, and continue to run without issue, according to operators or unnecessary stress and wear on the engine when operating at 32°F (0°C) below – especially for extended periods. Standby generators, like any equipment, must be properly maintained to function well when a power loss happens, and they are relied upon to handle the electrical load. If generators are not properly maintained, cold weather can make it more difficult to start and perform. Here are some generator maintenance suggestions to help you get your generator ready for the winter and make sure it's ready to go when you need it.

Portable Generator Maintenance:

Use Fuel Stabilizer

Do you use your portable generator infrequently? Store gum in an empty fuel tank or use treated fuel to prevent gum from collecting and obstructing the fuel system. Add fresh fuel before filling the tank, then run your generator for a few minutes to circulate the treated fuel through the system.

Change Your Generator Oil

Make sure if you have sufficient oil in your portable generator to keep it operating smoothly and extend the life of your engine. When the engine's oil level drops too low, many generators shut down automatically to protect the engine. Check the oil level anytime you add petrol by referring to the dipstick and filling to the entire marker to keep your engine protected and ready for any DIY project or home emergency. For an emergency, keep a few quarts of oil on hand.

Standby Generator Maintenance:

Maintenance Kits

Maintaining your backup generator is similar to getting an oil change and a tune-up for your car. Maintaining your standby generator is just as simple if you're at ease in your garage. We offer complete generator maintenance kits to guarantee you have everything you need to get the job done effectively.

Partner with an Expert

If you don't have the time or don't feel comfortable maintaining your standby generator yourself, let one of our skilled servicing dealers handle it for you. Thanks to our network of trained, authorized dealers, your standby generator will be ready for the winter months ahead. For the best value, invest in monthly maintenance packages, and be assured that if the electricity goes out this winter, your backup generator will keep you and your family warm.

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