Keep the Power On: Weathering Outages with Trane's Liquid-Cooled Standby Generators (15 kW, 20 kW, & 22 kW)

Keep the Power On: Weathering Outages with Trane's Liquid-Cooled Standby Generators (15 kW, 20 kW, & 22 kW)

Imagine this: you're curled up with a good book on a stormy night when suddenly, the lights flicker and die. The power's out! While a brief outage might be an inconvenience, extended power cuts can disrupt freezers, medical equipment, and essential comfort, especially in extreme weather.

This is where a reliable standby generator comes in. Trane offers a range of liquid-cooled standby generators, including the 15 kW, 20 kW, and 22 kW models, providing powerful solutions for keeping your home's vital appliances running during a power outage.

Trane 15Kw Single Phase Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Trane 20Kw Single Phase Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Trane 22Kw Single Phase Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Here's what makes Trane's Liquid-Cooled Standby Generators stand out:

  • Quiet and Efficient Power: These generators utilize liquid-cooled engines, resulting in quieter operation compared to air-cooled models. This is a major benefit, especially if you live in a close-knit neighborhood.

  • Power Options for Your Needs: Trane offers a range of power outputs: 15 kW, 20 kW, and 22 kW. With this variety, you can choose the generator that best suits your home's specific needs. The 15 kW model is great for essential appliances, while the 20 kW and 22 kW models can handle even larger loads, including some central air conditioners.

  • Fuel Flexibility: Trane's generators run on either propane or natural gas, giving you fuel choice based on availability and pricing in your area.

  • Durable Design: These Trane generators boast heavy-duty, weatherproof enclosures, protecting them from the elements and ensuring reliable operation for years to come.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Included: The included automatic transfer switch (ATS) seamlessly detects a power outage and switches your home to generator power within seconds.

Is a Liquid-Cooled Generator Right for You?

Liquid-cooled generators offer quieter operation and can be more efficient than air-cooled models, especially in hot climates.  However, they also require installation of a coolant system, which may factor into your decision.

The Differences Between Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Generators


Electric generators produce a great amount of heat when they operate. The interior of an electric generator needs to be constantly cooled in order to protect it from damage and ensure its continuing operations.


Generators are either air-cooled or liquid-cooled. The generator’s cooling system is part of its design and is often determined by the size and type of the generator.  Smaller generators are usually cooled by air while larger varieties are generally liquid-cooled.
Air-cooling system


This system of cooling uses air circulation to bring the temperature down. In air-cooling systems, the engine takes cool air from the atmosphere and blows it internally across the different parts of the generator set. This keeps the generator from overheating.


Air-cooling systems are often used in portable generator sets and standby generators of up to 22 kilowatts. An air-cooling system is either open-ventilated or completely enclosed. In the open-vent system, atmospheric air is used and the exhaust is released back into the atmosphere. In an enclosed system, the air is re-circulated inside to cool the internal parts of the generator.


Air-cooled systems have the potential of overheating when used over a long period. When the temperature of the generator goes, it will cease working, which means it will stop providing electricity.


Liquid-cooled system


In a liquid-cooled system, the generator uses oil or coolant to keep the temperature of the internal parts down. Liquid cooling uses a radiator and water pump. The pump distributes the cooling liquid to the engine block using hoses. The heat of the engine block is transferred to the coolant, which flows into the radiator where it is cooled by air. Most generators that are over 22 kilowatts use the liquid-cooling system.


Liquid-cooling systems are more expensive to produce, but they are more durable and powerful than the air-cooled alternatives. If you purchase a liquid-cooled generator set, you will likely be getting a great product, but plan to spend more than you would for a smaller generator with an air-cooled system.

Trane Keeps You Covered


  • Geographical regions with power outages caused by weather
  • Northern Climate (Heavy snowfall/winter storms)
  • Southern Climates (Severe Thunderstorms, Hurricanes)
  • Central US market (Tornados)
  • Regions with electrical grid instability
  • Second homes / Vacation homes


Business Owners:

  • Light commercial opportunities (Retail, Food Service, Gas Stations, Data Centers)
  • Need to maintain power to sustain business


Trane is a reputable brand known for quality and dependability.  Their liquid-cooled standby generator offers peace of mind during power outages,  keeping your home's essential appliances running and your family comfortable.



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