Millennials, It’s Time to Pull Up Your Pants Solar Figures

Millennials, It’s Time to Pull Up Your Pants Solar Figures

This generation is ai-ight. They’re better than their parents, environmentally friendly like their hippie grandparents. They are aware of getting irritated by advertising tactics without getting into fistfights with corporations. Their future is promising, and it’s primarily thanks to the millennials who are not only aware of but actually embracing the benefits of solar energy.


We should have learned solar.

Our generation is the first to grow up with expensive solar power, but we’ve been slow to use it.


We’re embarrassed by our dependence on fossil fuels. We don’t want to be seen as a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. And we don’t want to seem like we’re trying too hard, so we tend to keep our solar panels off when everyone else is using them.

We’re just not ready for prime time.

The rise of solar power has great potential. It’s clean, renewable and responsible for powering millions of homes across the globe. But there’s a big problem that keeps people from signing up for solar panels: it’s boring. In the past, the primary way to get kids interested in the environment was to take them on a nature hike or go camping or kayaking. Solar power is different — it’s clean but less exciting than other forms of green energy in many ways.

That’s why we created this blog — to make solar energy fun. If we can show kids that solar energy is more than just a clean source of energy, they’ll be more likely to get involved and be less dependent on fossil fuels.


Solar is an easy and effective way to help start kids down the eco-friendly path.

Are you looking to get your kids interested in renewable energy? There are many reasons to start young, but one of the most important is that they tend to take after their parents when it comes to environmental attitudes. If you’re raising a green kid, here are some ideas for inspiring them:

1. Start with solar. Solar power is fun, safe, and easy — that’s a triple bonus. The average age of a solar customer is 30 years old, and many solar companies don’t even make the installation process difficult for adults. A good solar installer will likely include an affordable payment plan for every customer. If your child is interested in saving money by getting off the grid, he’ll be getting an early start on that habit.

2. Teach about climate change. There are books and websites on this topic. Still, you can always get more specific by asking your child about his school’s upcoming climate change unit or taking him along on a field trip to a local science museum.

3. Encourage environmentalism at home. Although your child may not be aware of the concept of “sustainability,” he’s probably heard you talk about recycling or carpooling or being kind to the environment at home and school — all things that relate back to sustainability.


Takeaway: Today, it is easier than ever before to go solar, and more and more people are doing it. It helps the environment, looks excellent for your house, and is an investment in your future; it’s actually a good idea regardless of how you look at it. Not to mention that it’s not too expensive. If you’re looking to buy one now. Contact us!

Stay tuned for more articles and videos throughout the year!

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