When camping, there are 16 must-have accessories for portable generators.

When camping, there are 16 must-have accessories for portable generators.

Some portable generator accessories are required for camping. Some campers are unaware of this, while others are undecided.

This blog will explain the many accessories required for your generator. You'll also learn how each one works and how to use it to its full potential. You may feel comfortable knowing which type to choose after reading this blog.


It is a question that many users have. Let's take a look at the generator accessories that are a must-have.

  1. Remote Start

The use of a remote simplifies the process of powering up a gadget. It allows you to start and stop your portable generator by pressing a button. It is feasible with a key fob that provides instant access to power.

  1. Generator Cover

When it rains, it's risky to leave your generator running without covering it.

It is critical to select one that is of excellent quality. It assures the safety of your equipment regardless of how heavy the rain is. It's suitable for all weather and is available in various sizes, colors, styles, shapes, and costs even if your generator is turned off.

  1. Automatic Transfer Switch

It's not the same as the remote start. For campers, it's a must-have item. It can automatically switch to your generator. You don't have to turn on your gadget manually.

It is an electrical automatic transfer switch. It is possible to install it on your generator. When it detects a grid outage, it turns on. It then returns to the utility power source. The purpose of an automatic transfer switch is to ensure power continuity. It's quick and dependable.

  1. Cold Weather Kit

A cold-weather kit is necessary if you live in areas where the temperature falls constantly. It is not to be confused with the function of a generator cover. Each accessory, on the other hand, is distinct. It features a warmer, which ensures that your battery continues to perform correctly. When the temperature is low, it begins to work.

The cold weather kit does an excellent job of keeping all of your device's components warm. It aids in the temperature and durability of the battery. The temperature may drop below 32 degrees on occasion. It's at this point that this item comes into play.

  1. Heavy Duty Extension Cords

An extension cord is a must-have. You won't be able to charge all of your gadgets simultaneously. It's because not everyone has access to power outlets. As a result, these wires are required. Can directly connect the accessory to your generator. It then distributes power to various devices and outdoor appliances from the generator.

Generator outlets are critical. They determine which cord amp to select. The heavier ones ensure safety. Any electrical shock or fire is avoided.

  1. Fuel Stabilisers

You'll need a fuel stabilizer if your generator runs on gasoline. It prolongs the life of the fuel in your tank, allowing it to last up to several months while remaining robust and fresh. It is an additional handy accessory to consider.

During refueling, use the stabilizer. It keeps the fuel in the tank from evaporating or gumming up. It also keeps its superb condition even when the gasoline isn't used for long. It's possible that adding it afterward won't keep the fuel from going stale.

  1. Muffler

No one wants to go camping with a generator that makes a lot of noise. These kinds aren't good for the environment. 

Silencers are another name for mufflers. These add-ons lower the amount of noise generated by your generator. Most campgrounds have rules, and breaking them is against the law. That is why you should acquire a muffler for your generator. It reduces the amount of noise.

Just make sure you choose the most excellent portable generator for your needs. It starts working as soon as you connect it to the generator's exhaust pipe.

  1. Convenience Cables

The convenience cable is another option. There are generally more than two neighboring outlets on these lines. They can power your appliances. However, it should note that the number of devices to which it can transmit energy is limited. They have various capacities as a result of this. Always inspect your cable for damage since any damage might result in a fire hazard. Also, don't overwork it because it will overheat. Rain, sunlight, harsh elements, damp floors, and high voltage should all be avoided.

  1. Wheel Kit

You may need to relocate your device. It will be tough if it does not have wheels. Get the correct wheel kit for your generator as a solution.

Transporting your generator becomes safer, faster, and more accessible. The type of energy gadget you have also influenced the type of wheel you choose. Before making a decision, always double-check.

  1. Maintenance Kit

Before going camping, make sure your generator is in good working order. It should clean regularly. It stops dirt from accumulating around it. It also helps to keep your equipment from rusting. It will ensure that your enjoyable time is not cut short.

Don't even consider borrowing someone else's; have your own. It relieves you of the stress of rushing around when an "emergency" arises.

Air filters, spark plugs, oil filters, an oil funnel, a cleaning cloth, and oil should all be included in this set. Also, make sure to replace any worn-out attachments as soon as possible. You can either hire an expert to assist you with the servicing or do it yourself.

  1. Parallel Cables

You may need to run two generators at the same time. When parallel cables come into play, you'll need them to link them.

  1. Power Out Alarm

The purpose of the Power Outage Alarm is to alert you. It notifies you right away if the power goes off unexpectedly. Even if you are not using power, the device will notify you if it is out. This camping item makes the experience less stressful.

  1. Power Return Alert

It provides a similar function to the Power Out Alert. When operating your generator, you may not be able to tell when the power is restored and why this item is essential. 

  1. Fuel Can

Another item you should not overlook is a fuel container. You can be used to store, transfer, or dispense fuel. It is especially true if your generator runs on gasoline. Some models even include a fuel shut-off valve.

  1. Automatic Voltage Regulators

This gadget keeps the load on your appliances under control. This attachment is also helpful because it aids with voltage regulation. It preserves your fragile appliances in good working order by balancing the voltage.

  1. Battery Charger

You can use this attachment to charge your generator's battery. It is also very significant. If the battery is low on, charge it with the charger. Chargers differ depending on the generator. So pick one that suits your needs.


When camping, having these accessories for portable generators is useful. You might consider favoring some over others. On the other hand, each accessory is significant and should be considered. Having them all is well worth the money because it ensures a stress-free journey.

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