Where Portable Generators are Headed in the Next Five Years

Where Portable Generators are Headed in the Next Five Years

It is a known fact that the energy sector is going through a monumental transformation with an uncertain outcome. This can be seen in the sweeping changes of our power management systems, which are now becoming distributed and much more open. Environmental concerns also play their part, as hydraulic fracking and nuclear waste disposal could present future hazards.

As these changes come about, green tech entrepreneurs will be striving to develop new solutions to meet the challenges of modern demands for efficiency and sustainability. Portable generators will be one way that innovation drives the energy sector forward in the next five years, as fuel-efficient solutions become available globally—especially amongst those who live off-grid or suffer from power outages.

These generators function as energy substitutes, providing a long-lasting battery source for electricity generation where traditional power sources are insufficient. They usually run on diesel fuel and can be set up outside or inside the home. These generators are very useful in emergencies and camping settings, but they can also provide an inexpensive way to generate enough power to run a small house.

Portable generators will experience plenty of advancements over the next five years, but how will they benefit us? What functionality will they have to suit our future needs? In this piece, we'll examine various factors that will affect how portable generators work in the future—and what benefits they might offer users.


Innovative features drive up portable generator popularity.

Fuel efficiency will become integral to how we look at portable generators. We'll also see a move towards sustainable green tech solutions, which will likely lead to innovations in this area. This should not surprise us, as the environment is becoming more of a concern for many everyday people. Portable generator users will want to ensure that their fuel sources are not harming the biosphere or spurring on future resource wars, so they'll be encouraged to seek out cleaner sources of energy, such as solar and wind power. As "green" becomes an increasingly popular marketing buzzword, demand for lighter-weight, eco-friendly generators should also increase.



Portable generators will become safer and more secure.

The electrical appliance industry has been working towards this goal over the past few years: making devices safer to use and more secure against malfunctions. Safety innovations are being built into appliances as diverse as microwaves, air conditioners, electric shavers, and hair dryers. This will lead to a wider variety of safety features being built into small generator models, such as automatic shutoff systems and better insulation in extreme weather conditions. This trend should also carry over to portable generators as people will become more aware of the dangers of improper use of these energy-rich machines.

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