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Aurora Generators

Aurora Generators 25kW Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator

Aurora Generators 25kW Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator

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25 kW Diesel Generator - Hatz Engine


Open-type generators, such as this one, are commonly used on vehicles where high power output is necessary, but space is limited. These generators offer the same high-quality power output as larger models but feature a more compact frame, making them ideal for use in smaller spaces. Additionally, an optional hose kit can be used to remove and mount the air filter off the engine, further reducing the generator's size.



You will love our remote-mounted control panel.  It can be mounted outside and away from your engine/generator compartment, making it much easier to use.  Let us know how long a cable you need, and we will build you a harness to fit your needs.  


The generator can direct the exhaust up, down, or out the side without requiring additional mufflers or after-treatment. No DPF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is necessary for this size generator, and it meets U.S. EPA and CARB Tier 4 emission regulations.   


Aurora Diesel Generators like one are perfect for commercial applications such as food trucks, specialty vehicles, sprinter vans, mobile medical vehicles, and other similar uses. At Aurora Generators, we provide customized solutions for your portable power requirements. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.




General Specifications  




25 kW


Hatz | 3H50 | Tier4f

Voltage Options

120/240 Volt Single Phase

120/208 Volt Three Phase
277/480 Volt Three Phase
347/600 Volt Three Phase


Mecc Alte NPE32

Instrumentation and Control

DynaGen TG410


• Weatherproof & Sound Attenuated

• Powder Coated

Fuel Tank

Internal or sub-base tank options






There is no need to worry about pushing equipment to its limits. DynaGen controllers have been designed to meet MIL standards and operate under harsh conditions.


The TG410 is the most advanced option in the TOUGH Series®, providing displays of

• Oil Pressure,
• Engine Temperature,
• Fuel Level,
• Oil Level,
• Engine Hours,
• Battery Voltage
• J1939 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

• 150 Event Log.


TG410 also displays single or 3-phase AC voltage, current, and frequency.




The new electronic Hatz 3H50 Diesel Engines delivers impressive performance with exceptional power density and a standard rail fuel system. The engine meets U.S. EPA & CARB TIER 4 FINAL emission standards.


• U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final

• Compact Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

• Requires no DEF

• Spin-on fuel filter with water detector

• Glow plug starting aid




For over 60 years, Meccalte has been specializing in one thing only: producing the finest, highest quality, most reliable alternators. Mecc Alte is the largest independent producer of synchronous alternators. This generator uses the ECP alternator that's brushless and self-regulated by using a digital electronic regulator. Mecc Alte alternators produce consistent power under almost any operating condition. Trust Mecc alte to power all your sensitive electronics!









NPE32 L4 C Industrial Alternator 


Self-regulating Alternator
4 Pole | Dedicated Wiring | Brushless

Voltage Regulator

DSR Automatic Voltage Regulator

Mechanical Protection

Class H Insulation System | IP23

Output Power

25.0 kW Continuous Power Rated

Output Voltage

120/240 Volt Single Phase

120/208 Volt Three Phase Optional

277/480 Volt Three Phase Optional

Other voltages were also available.


136 kG | 299.9 lbs


61 dB @ 23 feet


2 Years

User Manual

NPE Alternator User Manual

DSR Voltage Regulator Technical Manual

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