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Aurora Generators

Aurora Generators 4000 watt Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator

Aurora Generators 4000 watt Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generator

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    Introducing the Aurora Generator’s Portable Diesel Generator - a versatile and durable solution for those needing reliable power on the go. Our diesel-powered generator offers extended use with less fuel and maintenance requirements, thanks to the Hatz diesel engine, specifically the 1B30E model. It is designed to handle harsh environments and extreme conditions, making our generator the top choice for portable use and prolonged power outages.

    Hatz engines are electronically fuel-injected and electronically speed-governed. This design allows for smoother and more fuel-efficient operation. In addition, a built-in fuel tank and pump make refuelling easy, and you can even supply the generator from a larger tank if necessary.
    This generator is simple to operate. Just add oil and fuel, and with the addition of a small starter battery, turn the key to crank it automatically. If it is frigid, a glow plug will automatically turn on as a starting aid for use in cold weather.


    This generator is also customizable, lightweight, and easy to operate, making it an excellent option for specialty vehicles and portable applications. You can choose from optional frames, wheels, and lifting kits to fit your specific needs. In addition, vibration isolation in this generator ensures smooth operation, reducing wear and tear and making it an ideal choice for frequent use.


    Aurora Generator’s Portable Diesel Generator is a reliable, efficient, and convenient power solution for those on the go, with customizable options to fit your specific needs.



Vehicle Mounted 4000 Watt Diesel Generator


• Hatz 1B30E 4.6 kW 
• Electronic Fuel Injected
• Electronic Speed Governor
• 250-Hour Oil Change Interval. 
• Lithium Starter Batter


• L14-30 Receptacle
• L15-20 Split Duplex Receptacle
• Mains Circuit Breaker


• DynaGen TG350 Auto-start controller
• Exercise, Low Battery Auto-start
• Two-Wire start compatible


• RF Remote Start FOB
• Remote Start via the Internet



 Quick Start Guide
 Operators Manual
 Alternator Specifications
 Alternator Manual
 Engine Brochure
 TG350 Controller User Manual 
 TG350 Typical Wiring Diagram
 Generator CAD Drawing PDF

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