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Aurora Generators

Aurora Generators Yanmar 22 kW Diesel Generator - Bare Bones

Aurora Generators Yanmar 22 kW Diesel Generator - Bare Bones

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Bare Bones generators save you money since they only include what is necessary and leave the optional or add-on's for the end-user to do independently. For example, you hook it up to your fuel tank, battery, and electrical panel. The generator still comes with an auto-start controller, main circuit breaker, and muffler. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or equipment manufacturer, bare-bones generators will save you money. 

If you took away our weather enclosure, base, battery and fuel tank, you end up with this generator. It has all of the features and functions you would expect from the more expensive versions.  

• Yanmar Turbo Diesel Engine

• Control Panel with DynaGen Auto-start controller

• Automatic voltage regulated generator head UL/CSA

• Main Circuit Breaker 

• Muffler and Generator Vibration Mounts

• Battery Cables

This generator meets USA EPA Tier3 emission regulations and is intended for emergency standby only. If needed, it can be used full-time.  Oil changes are required every 500 hours of engine operation.


• Manufacture - Yanmar
• Model - 4TNV84T-BGGE
• Four-cylinder
• Speed - 1800 RPM
• Displacement - 2.19L | 133  (in3)
• Aspiration - Turbo Diesel


• Manufacture - MeccAlte
• Model - ECP28
• Brushless & Automatic Voltage Regulated
• 60 Hz. 120/240 Volts 
• Available in 3 Phase 120/208 & 277/480 Volts

• Manufacture - DynaGen
• Model - TG350 
• Auto-Start & two-wire remote start compatible
• Displays voltage, speed, frequency, battery, fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temp, and more
• 150 Event Log
• Easy to use
• User re-programmable
• Password Protected 

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