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  • Durable and Waterproof】:Made with advanced laminated technology,the BLUETTI PV120 is built to last. The panel is built with long-lasting ETFE material on the surface, making it more durable and scratch-resistant.The panel is also manufactured in accordance with the IP65 waterproof standard,making it ideal for outdoor activities of any kind,such as camping,climbing, hiking-even in poor weather conditions.
  • Compatible with Most Solar Generators】:BLUETTI PV120 120W foldable solar panel uses MC4 connector & is designed to be used with most solar generators on the market,including any of the BLUETTI solar generators (AC200P/EB240/EB150/ AC50S/EP500/AC200MAX) as well as with generators from Rockpals,Suaoki,FlashFish & NexPow.With an adapter,it can also be used with other solar generators from Baldr,Jackery,Goal Zero,Paxcess and more.
  • Foldable & Portable】With a folded size of 533*470mm/21*18.5 inches and 12.57 lbs of weight, the BLUETTI PV120 is convenient to carry around and easy to be set up for anyone anywhere.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works well in direct or partial sunlight.

This solar panel works well and charges my Bluetti battery pack quickly. even in partial/overcast conditions I was getting around 100 watts which is more than I expected.

The unit folds up into a nice portable size and isn't too heavy. It's probably too much for something like backpacking but considering you also need a battery to hook it up to I wouldn't recommend it for that.

The material surrounding the panels is like a durable canvas. I'd be worried about leaving it out in the elements for an extended period of time because it might grow mold. For the few short periods of time I used it for it seemed fine but it definitely seems like it needs to be brought in and allowed to dry periodically.

If you have a Bluetti battery pack or another compatible brand I would highly recommend picking one of these up.

Nice Unit But Avoid Water

I really like this solar panel. It folds up for easy transport and has a handle built in to carry it.. very convenient. The back side of it has a nice durable covering. It easily charges my power station. It charges it fast as it is such a big panel.

I do not like that it appears to not be waterproof, meaning I have to be sure to keep an eye open for rain, and here in Florida we have a couple of things: Sun and Rain. It says in the manual to avoid moisture which translates in to do not get wet in my book.

I still gave it 5 STARS because I could not give it 4.5 and I feel it is better then 4 but maybe not 5 because of the lack of waterproofing.

Michael J. Walsh
Larger and heavier than I expected - make note of the provided pictures to judge size.

I gotta start looking at dimensions and weight when I order stuff. Or at least taking better note of all the promotional material. Not the sellers fault, and I'd have known better had I simply looked at the pictures on the listing, but this is both larger and heavier than I'd imagined it to be. This is not the kind of solar panel you're going to be able to put in your backpack and go hiking with. Again, my fault entirely.

That said, this is a really nice item. But I haven't been able to use it properly yet because I needed a MC4 adapter cable before I could charge my power station, and the one I ordered from another vendor ended up to be wired with the opposite polarity than needed. However, I've been able to set it up properly and at least verify the output voltage with a multi-meter.

I can't wait to actually start using it, but most probably with the camper rather than a tent.

Ron Killian
It is a monster...

I've really been getting into alternative energy and home backup, so I look at many related products. I've seen all the Bluetti products and always thought they were a little on the pricey side. I figured it was because they were high quality. Well, after getting this panel, my figuring seems to be correct.

This is a very heavy duty and very well made panel. I have several portable panels and not one is as stout as the Bluetti 120w panel. And you start unfolding it, it just keeps going, it's a monster of a portable solar panel, pretty amazing.

I was a little bummed it only came with MC4 connectors, but I get it. Just seems for the price, you'd get more hook up options or cables, ect.

So far it has been a great panel. Sadly I have not had a chance to test it out much, it's been cloudy and rain here for too long. But the limited time I used it, it works quite well.

High quality panel, though I think it's a little too pricey (my opinion), but would recommend as high quality.

m. reuling
solid unit

works pretty good, i was getting 65 watts to my solar generator on a slightly overcast day. Well made, works as it should, can't complain