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Zendure 400W Solar Panel

Zendure 400W Solar Panel

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Get More Power for Your Power Station: The Zendure 400W solar panel provides a whopping 400W of power input, giving your power station the juice it needs to keep your devices charged up and ready to go.


High-Efficiency Solar Technology: With an impressive 22% conversion rate, the Zendure 400W solar panel is designed to extract the most power possible from sunlight. That means you'll get more usable electricity for your devices, even in low-light conditions.


Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at just 29.98lb (13.6kg), the Zendure 400W solar panel is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you're heading out for a weekend camping trip or an extended off-grid adventure, you can take this solar panel with you wherever you go.
















High Efficiency


Our solar panel uses advanced technology to soak up as much sunlight as possible. New-generation monocrystalline solar cells maximize the conversion efficiency. It also has an adjustable kickstand to put the panel at the ideal angle for maximum yield.

















Portable, Durable, Easy to Go


We wanted to make sure our solar panel could keep up with SuperBase Pro. This meant it had to be easy to carry around, but also built to withstand the elements, as well as the hazards of travel. 

















Whether it's folded up for transport and storage, or unfurled and ready for action, our solar panel is a rugged and capable companion for any outdoor excursion.
















Strength in Numbers

If you want even more power, our solar panel can be connected in series with other solar panels. SuperBase Pro can charge at up to 1,800W. You can assemble your own solar array for maximum charging performance!


















Frequently Asked Questions

What's the advantages of Zendure 200W solar panel?

It's made of ETFE building materials, and portable and durable


Can SuperBase Pro be charged by other solar panels?

Yes, SuperBase Pro can be charged by other solar panels with voltage ranking from 12V to 60V; Zendure 200W solar panel is first recommended because of having multi lab test.


How to connect Zendure 400W solar panels with SuperBase Pro?

You can use the serial connection way. please check the user manual for more details.


Does SuperBase Pro have pass-through function while solar charging?

SuperBase Pro supports pass-through while solar charging via XT60 port; yet SuperBase Pro doesn't support pass-through while solar charging via AC input port.








Rated Power






 Open circuit Voltage



MC4 1M


×4, adjustable



 Unfolded Dimension


Folded Dimension


 Waterproof Level

IP54 (solar cells IP65)

 Operating Temperature

-10℃ ~ 65℃

 Conversion Rate

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