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Jackery Explorer 1500 Outdoor Portable Power Station Solar Battery Generator With Push Button Start and AC Outlets

Jackery Explorer 1500 Outdoor Portable Power Station Solar Battery Generator With Push Button Start and AC Outlets

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Jackery Explorer 1500 Outdoor Portable Power Station - G1488A1800AH 

Jackery was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012. With state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing expertise, Jackery launched the first Lithium Portable Power Station in 2015. As an industry leader in Power Stations, Jackery will strive to continue the vision and commitment to providing green energy solutions and powering outdoor life.

1800W CONTINUOUS /3600W PEAK OUTPUT: Explorer 1500 has 1800W continuous /3600W peak output and 1534Wh capacity. Ideal for Home DIY Can supply electricity for high-power devices like Electric Hammer, Air Compressor, Circular Saw, Angle Grinder, Electric Wrench, etc.

SOLARPEAK TECHNOLOGY: Jackery invented a technology for creating a smarter, more user-friendly, and higher efficient operating system - the Solarpeak Technology® (an upgraded MPPT). It builds in the Explorer 1500 and adds 30% more solar recharging efficiency.

FAST RECHARGING With the DOUBLE AC adapter (total of 500W), the Explorer 1500 can be fast recharged in 3 HOURS. With one AC adapter, the Explorer 1500 can be recharged in 6 Hours. 

CHARGE: Explorer 1500 can power 7 different devices simultaneously such as TV, Drone, Laptop, iPad, Hairdryer, Camera, etc. RECHARGE: 3 ways to recharge: Solar Panel (4 panels need 4 H), AC Outlet(1 adapter needs 6 H, 2 adapters need 3 H), Car Outlet(15.5 H).


  • Capacity: 1534Wh; Weight: 35.27lbs; Dimensions: 14* 10.4* 12.7 in; Input: 2* DC, Double to 500W; AC Outputs (* 3): 3* 110V, 1800W Continuous/3600W Peak Output; Car Port Output; USB Outputs (* 3): 1 USB-C With PD, 2* USB-A.
  • 1 Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station
  • 1 Car Charger Cable
  • 1 AC&amp DC Adapter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 2 Solar Charge Adapters.


  • 3600-Watt Peak Output, Perfect for Travel, Camping & Emergency Power 95% Appliances, Microwave, Hair Dryer, Air Conditioner
  • 2-Years Warranty, Quiet, No Fumes, Ideal for Tools & Home DIY
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Customer Reviews

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Do not buy. Shame on you Jackery

Will not work with the most common solar panels. Input plugs are proprietary. Jackery customer service and support doesn’t respond on this topic. No cable or adapters are included.

Even More Jackery Goodness!

I previously owned the Jackery 1000 and just purchased this 1500 knowing of the brand's great reputation.

The unit is awesome! LOTS of power, yet it is not too heavy to easily carry. It will run my LED's, Signal Booster and large TV for an entire evening and then some.

The new LCD screen readout is very slick and I really like how it shows how long you have left to charge it and how much runtime is left.

The only disappointment was that it only comes with the one power supply for charging when it supports 2 for rapid charging. Not a big deal breaker though as you are still getting a fantastic unit for the typical dollar per watt hour price.

I can definitely recommend this unit as well.

Dreadfully Slow Charging. Ultra lightweight, best inverter. BIG power capacity. Durable.

I hope everyone finds the review helpful. Sharing info and tips.
“Solar Generator” is = a Portable Electric Power Station + one or more Solar Panel combinations. A portable power station without solar panel(s) is just that, a portable electric power station.
Jackery’s new 1500 Watt Hour Explorer is built for much larger powering tasks and multi-powering with super lightweight, portability, and inverter quality. Has a very reliable history and strong, durable build., When you combine excellent engineering integration to create a very lightweight, but powerful portable electric power station with an 1800 watt constant (3600 watt surge) inverter for AC power, regulated output ports all around, and SUPER lightweight (8-30 pounds lighter than the competition same 1500 watt size capacity), with Pure Sine Wave signal stability, fast charging, multi MPPT controllers, rugged case and 9 year old U.S. based company known for best support, you have the best Solar Generator available today. You might pay less for a prototype from some unknown firm, and assume all the risks. Good luck with those endeavors. E1500 is very attractively priced for all it does and can do, and the reliability and support you actually will receive if ever necessary. Also, E1500 has 500 charge cycle to 100% capacity life that does not die after 500 cycles, but then reduces to 80% capacity for many additional years beyond.
QUICK LOOK Key takeaways abbreviated:
You can CHARGE every device that exists today one way or another with the E1500 AND you can DIRECTLY power almost EVERY AC-powered appliance device from every category.
Ordered on Monday, arrived on Friday. Fast delivery via special freight handling.
Very lightweight for its performance. 1500 Wh portable electrical power station that weighs far less than 98% of all competing 1500 watt class competition. Most competitors are AT LEAST 8 -10 pounds heavier, some even additional 30+ pounds. The low weight from Jackery and their robust integrated handle are huge advantages and worth money for those who will move it around frequently, or those owners with smaller statures. You can put a forklift under something and call it portable, but that’s not what Jackery has engineered or is representing. This isn’t a prototype, it is a full production unit. Founded upon the same very stable and forgiving housing materials, legs and design, except that they have rounded the corners on this unit creating less potential for hurting yourself or if you bump another object while moving it around.
Jackery includes one of the finest DC to AC power inverters on the market for portable power stations in their E1500. It is powerful and reliable. And, that is an expensive subsystem whereas most other makers are on the cheap side of performance and reliability in their inverters. Others put lower quality, lower-performing components into 1500 Wh class because they think the average consumer won’t understand how important a powerful, reliable inverter is to the effectiveness of the overall system, and just run to the lowest price offering regardless. A discerning renewable energy Solar Generator consumer looks much deeper than just superficial specs. Interoperability of the maker's systems and subsystems are crucial to overall effectiveness and efficiency of the solution when various input and outputs are hooked up into it. The strength of the E1500 is in its 3 each, 120VAC outlets that provide Pure Sign Wave (PSW), REGULATED, 1800 watt continuous and 3600 watt surge loads. Brilliant! Both were verified within +- 2% of the spec. Inversion efficiency is 12-15% loss when AC circuit is powered on. The inversion process converts 48VDC battery storage banks to serve up 120VAC power as described above. Up conversion and down conversion across DC to AC and expertly conditioned output power delivery at perfectly stable voltages are an industry-leading aspect of owning a Jackery as well.
Sports a new color status display. Vastly improved display now in color. Jackery calls it the SMART LCD DISPLAY. Not only is it smart, it is highly visible and easy to read. I find it to be very informative and very intuitive (easy) to read/use. It is just that simple and effective. The display once again leads the industry in comparable unit capacities. You have got to see it and use it to appreciate how much better it is than the competition and their own previous products!
Exceptional versatility. Another Jackery engineering breakthrough is their new, integrated, MPPT multi-controller for solar charging. The E1500 has two 8MM power input ports for charging and can be solar or AC as examples, or even auto plug port DC charging if desired, OR ANY COMBINATION OF THOSE SOURCES INTO THE TWO JACKS (up to max of 300 watts per jack and 500 total DC watts at any given moment). If solar, the system is optimized when paired with Jackery’s latest Solar Saga 100 and 200-watt portable solar panels and can yield a recharging rate of up to 600 wa...

No more noisy gas generator.

I now have 2 Jackery power stations (1500 & 300). I do a lot of remote camping and they work perfectly. I’m an early riser and can now silently make coffee using my Keurig and the 1500 Jackery. I use approximately 1% for every cup of coffee made. I was away for a week and used the Jackery daily. I made several cups of coffee, charged my phone, a cordless chainsaw battery, rechargeable batteries for my GPS and my tablet. My friends also used my Jackery to make coffee.
I returned home with more than 40% charge.
Very well built product with many uses. I will keep it fully charged for use at home during power failures.
Jackery support is outstanding and they stand behind their product with a good warranty.

craig praskach
The Jackery E1500 powers everything and customer service is stellar!!!

I purchased the E1500 after first using an E290 and Solar Saga 100 panel. The 1500 charges very fast and powers everything I plug in with ease. I use the 1500 to charge the 290 as it charges at only 39 watts compared to almost 500 watts for the monster unit. Jackery customer service has been awesome with sending the large pin adaptor for the solar panel and power supply to charge the unit more quicky.
Very happy with the purchase and looking forward the more units.