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Jackery Solar Generator 1500_2SS100 - 1*Explorer 1500 + 2 * SolarSaga 100W

Jackery Solar Generator 1500_2SS100 - 1*Explorer 1500 + 2 * SolarSaga 100W

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Jackery was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012. With state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing expertise, Jackery launched the first Lithium Portable Power Station in 2015. As an industry leader in solar generators, Jackery will strive to continue the vision and commitment to providing green energy solutions and powering outdoor life.

  • SOLAR GENERATOR SG1500: Jackery Solar Generator SG1500 (Explorer 1500 + 2 x Solar Panels 100W) is a perfect combination for customers. It brings you clean, quiet, portable green power for daily life, fearless of power outage. 
  • 3600 WATT PEAK OUTPUT: Solar Generator SG1500 has High Power 3600W peak/1800W continuous output and 1534Wh capacity. Ideal for Home DIY Can supply electricity for high-power devices like Electric Hammer, Air Compressor, Circular Saw, Angle Grinder, Electric Wrench, etc. 
  • FAST RECHARGING With the DOUBLE AC adapter (total of 500W), the Explorer 1500 can be fast recharged in 3 HOURS. With one AC adapter, the Explorer 1500 can be recharged with in 6 Hours.       
  • SOLARPEAK TECHNOLOGY: Jackery invented a technology for creating a smarter, more user-friendly, and higher efficient operating system - the Solarpeak Technology® (an upgraded MPPT). It builds in the Explorer 1500 and adds 30% more solar recharging efficiency. 
  • CHARGE: SG1500 can power 7 different devices simultaneously such as TV, Drone, Laptop, iPad, Hairdryer, Camera, etc. RECHARGE: 3 ways to recharge: Solar Panel (2 panels need 8 H), AC Outlet(1 adapter needs 6 H, 2 adapters need 3 H), Car Outlet(15.5 H).
  • 24-MONTH WARRANTY: Jackery office provides in-time services. Toll-Free: 888-502-2236 Address: 48531 Warm Springs Blvd, Ste 408 Fremont, CA 94539.



Connect 2 Solar Panels and Explorer 1500 with 1 Solar Charge Adapter(Included in the package). NOTE: For power saving, Explorer 1500 portable power station will be turned off automatically in 12 hours when being drawn under 25W power.



Capacity: 1534Wh;

Weight: 35.27lbs;

Dimensions: 14* 10.4* 12.7 in;

Input: 2* DC, Double to 500W;

AC Outputs (* 3): 3* 110V, 1800W Continuous/3600W Peak Output;

Car Port Output;

USB Outputs (* 3): 1* USB-C With PD, 2* USB-A.


1* Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station;

1* Car Charger Cable;

1* AC&DC Adapter;

1* User Manual;

2* Solar Charge Adapters;

2* Solar Panels 100W.

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